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Creating an appealing environment with the tastiest and most attractive foods is a necessity in the Restaurant business. Chef City understands the needs of the Restaurant Entrepreneur as well as the Professional Chef. We pride ourselves on being the place “Where the Chefs Shop”.

Foodservice Solutions

All around satisfied guests with no stress or cost pressure. Which chef would not want that? The customer wants tasty, high-quality food, full of variety that delights the palate as well as the eyes. Good food that people are happy to recommend and encourages them to return. For the customer it is about enjoyment and pleasure, however, in economic terms it is all about efficiency. How do we bring it all together?

With the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® it is quite simple, you cook the food faster, with much more aromatic results and always to perfection. The results are also significantly better in terms of use of raw materials, working time, power and water consumption; even looking at the balance sheet becomes a pleasure.